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Top 10 Budapest Travel Searches 2012

Posted by Annplugged on January 12, 2013

For search trends in the Budapest tourism industry, or Budapest travel in general, Google trends sums up year 2012 with the following top search terms (worldwide searches in Budapest travel)

budapest search trends

budapest search trends

hotel budapest – 100: by far the biggest search goes for Hotels in Budapest, Hungary with little surprise. In the recession, travel destinations are shifting towards cheap places with great value for money. Well, Budapest is a perfect fit for travelling on a budget. See more about Budapest on a budget.
airport budapest – 40. Now this would have probably been my number 1 tip, considering all the recent changes at Budapest airport.
weather budapest – 25. The weather in Budapest is not only a favoured topic, but many tourists would like to know what is the weather in 5 months’ time will be like. e.g. Is Budapest Christmas time about a white Christmas. We do not know about snowfall in advance, although the averages of many past decades on weather sites mean some help.
ryanair budapest – 20 involves the potential threat of Ryanair pulling out its flights from Hungary.
flights to budapest – 15. When Malev went bankrupt Easyjet, Ryanair etc. started to make a lot more profit with their cheap flights to Budapest, changing the tourism scene in the city.
budapest meteo – 15 – this Budapest travel search term goes back to the topic of weather in Budapest at first sight, but it is also probable that Budapest metro was mis-typed. What do you think?
budapest hotels – 10 – pushes up the intentions of seeking good accommodation in Budapest
praga – 10 – now this may seem funny to see Prague in Budapest searches, but we understand that Prgaue and Vienna are often paired up with Budapest as a multilocation trip itinerary. See tips for travelling by train from Budapest to Vienna and Prague. Also: how to buy Hungarian train tickets.
Budapest map – 10. Many visitors start their search for Budapest as where is Budapest. Now, once located, it is still a recurring theme to find things in Budapest, not just Budapest itself. A good Budapest tourist map is useful, but we would say it is not a must. Budapest public transportation is very well laid out (BKV), and simple maps will take you to many central places. But if you are seeking hidden gems in Budapest and doing things off the beaten track, get a good map for your phone or pocket. Budapest is big, there will be lots of walking for sure.
park budapest – 10. Now this search term may mean both car park in Budapest or the green parks of Budapest, like the City Park (Varosliget), or Margaret Island. It is a surprise for me to see this come up in the top ten list. I would have expected something like Budapest attractions, things to do Budapest, or Budapest nightlife or Budapest cards. Well, none of them made it into the top ten Budapest travel search list for 2012 – according to google trends at least.


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Online Ad Spend Hungary 2011

Posted by Annplugged on August 8, 2012

According to the IAB Adex data, the total net online ad spend in Hungary in 2011 is as follows:

  • in HUF (Hungarian Forint) 30.4 billion Ft (HUF and Ft are both short for the Hungarian currency called Hungarian Forint, yes, the forint is without the letter ‘l’, not florint just forint), i.e. 30.400,000,000 HUF
  • in Euros: 109.4 million Euros
  • in USD: 134.9 million Dollars
  • in GBP: 86.3 million pounds

This amount is 18,8% of the total Hungarian ad spend. From year to year, it is over ten percent increase (12% to be precise).  Search marketing was really successful, with a 31% increase, email grew by 5% while display was slightly moving ahead but so slightly that we can just say that it stayed the same.

Mobile ad spend (both display mobile ads and non-display mobile ads) has been estimated to be around HUF 740 million by IAB.

Source IAB Hungary Adex 2011 via Rabbitblog

One fifth of the Hungarian population lives in the capital, in Budapest city, where online users are in a big cluster, which may facilitate e-commerce and other online activities connected to offline places.

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1st SEO contest in Hungary

Posted by Annplugged on July 27, 2006

Maybe one of the first signs that the online marketing industry, and within that search engine optimization (SEO), is gaining impetus in Budapest and in Hungary is the first attempt to carry out a competition among website optimizers. This signifies, in my opinion, that there is a fair number of firms and individuals not only interested in, but also making their living on search based services. The model is based on foreign examples: most notably on such contests as the one announced by the UK based Searchguild SEO firm in 2004, where the imaginary, non-business related expression “negritude ultramarine” had to be optimized within limited time.

The phrase for the Hungarian contest is a one-component keyword ‘butterflyheart’ (in Hungarian ‘pillangószív,’) which, according to the organizor guy named/ nicknamed Harzol, comes from the amalgamation of two of the top most beautiful Hungarian words. Similarly to other SEO contest words, it is not at all used in the Hungarian language.

Let’s make a quick Google search on it. The result is:
Results 110 of about 173,000 for pillangószív. (0.28 seconds)

The deadline is the end of this year, and the reward is the title ‘the most successful SEOer’ of 2006. The test day is the 31st December. The initiative has attracted several optimizers, according to harzol (aka Harkányi Zoltán). His blog is getting updated and one eager anonymous contestant has already booked the domain name for the test keyword.

I am afraid that serious SEO companies are not going to take part in the underground movement of the SEO industry, but even if there are 20 something people interested in the challenge, I consider it an important indicator of a strengthening culture that there is such an initiative. So I think it is a positive sign altogether, with all its blunders. For instance, the contest is lacking in rules (could they be observed?), so there are some who are already criticizing the initiative. Black magic tricks are already in use, which may not increase the reputation of SEO in Hungary…

By the way (as far as I know), foreigners are not excluded from the competition, so if you wish to participate, you may as well join the non-official programme by contacting the organizor.

Good luck, and thanks for the butterfly.

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