Google in Hungary and search as such

How is SEM developing in Hungary?

Some basics of Google Hungary


First of all, Google is called Google in Hungarian too, but many speakers use the nickname ‘gugli’ (say ‘googly’) as a more convenient way to pronounce it, and maybe also as a ToE (Term of Endearment).


The official name of the Hungarian subsidiary, or ‘garrison’ of the search giant is ‘Google Számítástechnikai Szolgáltató Kft.’ (Google IT Services Ltd.), which was registered on the 3rd of October in 2005 at the Registry Court. Interestingly enough, the daily paper with the biggest circulation (Népszabadság) in Hungary announced the big event only weeks later (29/10/05). The people in charge are David Carl Drummond (Senior Vice President, Corporate Development), George Reyes ( Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer) and Nikesh Arora (Vice President, European Operations). The Hungarian Google country representative is Zoltan Peresztegi.


The number of web users in Hungary (2005): well, it is approx. 30% on paper, and in reality a bit lower (roughly 20% of internet users make actual visits at least once a month), i.e., out 10 million Hungarian people, it is about 2-3 million users. Unfortunately, there is no data on the distribution of search engine uses among the limited number of webizens. Hopefully there will be.

So is google the number one search engine. Definitely yes based on informal data, it is about 98% used by Hungarian internet users. Officially though, it is a good question. So good that there is no available statistics on it. My subjective impression based on the report from, and opinion of my acquaintances is that Google is by far the market leader in Hungary. If there is no statistics, you suggest using Google Trends? Nope. GTrends answers “Your terms – yahoo google – do not have enough search volume to show graphs.” Let alone if I tried it with smaller Hungarian search engines.
Even if Google is assumed to be on top, the number of potential Hungarian users is only one third of the American results (percentage of course).


The number of gmail users is a lot lower than those who search (again: based on observations rather than statistics). But the web in Hungary is spreading, and by the end of 2006, we hope to have more internet access, more search-aware users and a more lively web based and competitive Hungary.


For more years, Google Inc. was made to use the domain in Hungary as the simpler version ( was used by other ambitious firms. Not any more (see post on it).

Official Hungarian Google blogs

So far we have the following official Hungarian Google blogs registered

Google AdWords (recently posts mostly authored by Zoltan Stekkelpak, and contributors may be Gabor Reszler, Marta Madarasz, Illes Vadasz, Anna Boda, Gyula Simonyi, etc.)

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