Google in Hungary and search as such

How is SEM developing in Hungary?

About Anna Sebestyen

Hello, my name is Anna Sebestyén. I am a search marketer and web analytics fan, and an experienced online communication consultant (US, Hungary experience mostly).

I’m based in Budapest working as the managing director of my company, Distinct Dialogs Ltd. providing professional consultancy, traning, web analytics, content development, etc. for primarily e-commerce sites, such as international SEO management for a CEE multinational comparison shopping site Arukereso, integrated CPC campaigns for the Hungarian market leader direct marketing company, Studio Moderna (Topshop tvshop with 6 different web retail stores).

Previously I worked as the Country Internet Manager for Studio Moderna HU, and before that as a senior account strategist in New Orleans, LA, US (Fabre Smith & Coco), and a freelancer in New Orleans (e.g. Morgan and Company), and a senior SEM advisor at the Hungarian market leading search agency, Arcus Interactive.

Realizing that content is king, I have some hobby sites on Budapest (Top and Luxury Hotels Sebestyen

I like using Google products and sharing how to be a more efficient user (whether it is search or advertising through search).

I launched this blog in 2006 to contribute to the growth of search culture in Hungary and to reach other users, SEM marketers, businesses interested in Hungary. Since then I have been to Mountain View, CA, San Jose SES conference, San Francisco Web Analytics Wednesday then back to Budapest, before that in New Orleans, then back to Budapest.

You can contact me at annasebestyen [at] gmail [dot] com

(Anna Sebestyén)


I am organizing the first ever web analytics meetup in Hungary, which is part of the global Web Analytics Wednesday series – sponsored by Web Analytics Demystified (Eric Peterson). Details of  Web Analytics Hungary here.

I wrote the first thesis in Search Marketing in Hungary.

I was the first female and the third individual to get the Google AdWords Professional title in Hungary.

I am very interested in the cognitive aspects of search (online search strategies, applied semantics, etc.)

I worked for Arcanian Consulting, Arcus Interactive as a senior search marketing consultant before going to the US.

I have had a SEM blog in Hungarian called BizBigyo aimed at Hungarian SEM stakeholders: some professional knowledge and interest are required from readers due to the extensive use of technical terms and references.

My aim is to make life better (as grand scale as I can), within that, to make web-based search more effective, visible and comprehensible among users, and to help businesses reach their clients in non-intrusive and highly profitable ways by fine-tuning their integrated marketing strategies. Also, I wish to encourage SEM stakeholders to generate a professional dialog, and deal with recent developments, trends, problems etc. at a quality level, in a friendly atmosphere.

Besides planning, managing and evaluating search campaigns, and advising on online strategies based on web analytics, search and web 2.0 trends, I have several years of experience in coordinating international relations, interpreting, translating and teaching English as a second language (MA degrees in English and Hungarian).

I support one grand mission (in addition to relatively smaller ones) with the full arsenal of my marketing skills: healthy life extension and health 2.0 initiatives like Cure Together keeping in mind that singularity is here and now.

10 Responses to “About Anna Sebestyen”

  1. Wow Anna, sounds like your taking the lead in Hungary. That’s a good move as the world is getting smaller and search marketing is taking place everywhere. Keep on bloggin’.

  2. tigaman said

    Sok sikert az oldalhoz

  3. BizBigyó said

    Thanks guys, I am trying my best. 🙂
    I would do with some help though from others, too.

  4. eszter said

    Why focus on Google only? Why not search engines and search much more generally speaking?

  5. Hello Eszter, nice to see you here. 🙂
    So why not Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL, Ask, etc. in general? Because, even if I am totally fasicanted by search, it is too broad for my present available capacities if I wish to contribute sth valuable. Plus SEW Blog, Blogoscoped, ZDNet etc. bring faster and more intriguing results than I can (as a part-time niche blogger).

    Why search in Hungary? Because you can read about the US and Western -Europe search landscape, but not much about the EMEA, and within that the Central-European region, and within that Hungary. Especially not in English.

    Why Google in Hungary, and search as it is? Because I wish to make our search landscape better, more efficient and competitive (not merely CPC ads, but our search culture as such–like teaching cool tricks to my nephew on how to use Google better, or anyone, or trying to convince young marketers to consider SEM as a career option etc.)

    However, this restriction does not mean that once in a while I will not wander off the topic. 🙂

  6. ncurse said

    Wow, great blog about an interesting subject. I’ll watch your site, keep up the good work.

  7. Thanks, NCurse. I will try to find some more time.

  8. Anna, the best part about your reply to my comment on Techcrunch is that it introduced me to your blog! I can tell that you are quite active and have some wonderful goals that enrich your life and benefit Hungary. Thank you for sharing your experience and knowledge.

  9. Thank you Noel for paying a visit here. 🙂 The Constant Group Inc. must be happy to work with such a thoughtful, well-networking principal.

  10. Hi Anna, I’m Irfan from Indonesia. 1st, I have to say your site is So Classy. And your articles about Google is also good. Perhaps you can make a post about Enabling Google AdSense Account, many people still know Nothing about Google AdSense including me. Bye Anna. Nice blog.

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