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Finishing off and moving on

Posted by Annplugged on April 23, 2007

Posting (my sparetime hobby more frequently accomplished in Hungarian) has been even rarer recently than before. Needless to say, not because search, or search related activities were getting lukewarm in Hungary. Quite on the contrary.

So why the silence? Partly because of our wedding. My biotech geek blogger boyfriend popped the question, and “I popped the answer yes” so we had our wedding ceremony last Saturday in Ujsipos Restaurant Budapest, at one of the traditional Hungarian restaurants in the city.

Although we have prepared with a 5-minute keynote presentation (including a short macbook recorded scene of how we were trying to prepare for the whole family event), technology let us down, and we resorted to our last weapon, the first dance. It seems we have brought the house down. 🙂

As we are both bloggers, and not very much keen on highly staged wedding photos, we were really glad to have another photo blogger friend to take some shots of the party. Some of which are:

Attila, Anna, Luca, Csabi

holding hands

dancing shoes

wedding party ladies eating

I am also keen on restructuring the several different blogs and travel sites I have been managing and/or participating in, so after one year of regular postings, and active reading and commenting on other blogs, I will sit down and think through how to keep on blogging.

I will give some more time to the Budapest travel guide called I’m afraid, I will not be able to keep gugli alive, although it has been a source of pleasure, excitement (and, let’s admit, meaningful networking) for me. I’m planning to have my last post on where and how I will continue for the next blogospell. So this is my penultimate post before saying goodbye, and reappearing in my new English blog.

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Google tribute to Virginia Tech

Posted by Annplugged on April 23, 2007

Without words, videoshots and slideshows mixed:

Tribute to the victims of the Virginia Tech shootings. A night of remembrance, and celebration of the lives lost in the tragic incident on the morning of April 16th, 2007.” /The Official Google Channel on YouTube/

– just hung my head.

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