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3 moments at DLD07: Linda Stone

Posted by Annplugged on February 5, 2007

To continue the series of top moments at Digital Life Design conference, Munich, here’s Linda’s choice:

  1. Sitting next to Jeff Pulver while Pablos (the hacker) was hacking his phone.  Listening to Jeff say, “Oh my G-d,” over and over and sweating as Pablos played his voicemail.  Since Pablos had tried (and FAILED!) to hack into my voicemail earlier that morning, I was both relieved and sympathetic.
  2. Wonderful talks and times with Yossi Vardi, Walt Mossberg, John Naisbitt, Caterina Fake, Jean-Paul Schmetz and many others…
  3. It was an honor to be the opening keynote. (watch Linda’s presentation on video at the DLD site).

my comment: I must conclude that Master Pablos seems to have made a long-lasting impression on many of us. 🙂 I wonder when Pixar is coming out with a cartoon about a hacker dual – see magician dual in Prestige.

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