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How is SEM developing in Hungary?

Information wants to be free. How to inject profitability in the info flow?

Posted by Annplugged on January 31, 2007

Growing free information – less and less physical, but there is a scarcity of attention. “Figuring out how to capture the attention of the right people and focus them on important information is extremely viable and only getting more so.”

Fred Wilson’s opening keynote at the Software and Information Industry’s January 2007 summit in New York City can be watched at ScribeMedia.

I strongly suggest his keynote focusing on the question ‘Where are the places where you can make money?’

  • What are critical points? Discovery, navigation, trust etc.
  • The key: the data about data.
  • Future: micro-chunking the content, freeing it (I want you to have it), syndicating it, and then monetizing it.
  • And the most important part for me from the keynote: “I want to know how my info is consumed.” and “All through RSS”

PS: Fred is a fan of Umair Haque.

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