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3 moments at DLD07: Jeff Pulver

Posted by Annplugged on January 29, 2007

A mini interview with Jeff asking what his top 3 moments were at DLD07.

What would be your choice for the top 3 moments?

  1. The Hacker, Inc. Presentation when Pablos Holman announced and demonstrated to everyone in the room that he was able to hack into my mobile phone. [lots of witnesses, no exaggeration]
  2. Swimming in the pool and playing Water Polo during the BUNTE DLD NIGHTCAP. [need for proof and illustration]
  3. Playing Poker during the BUNTE DLD NIGHTCAP Afterparty. Also – meeting some of the people whom I’ve had an email relationship with over the years but never before met in person. [so typical of web-based friendships. I wonder when we will first read about a Second Life virtual friendship getting ‘real’ in this way and conveyed in a Finnish SMS novel] Together with sitting in the sessions and being inspired by the talks and the opportunities and the collective vision. [I simply needed to put this in bold]

What comes into your mind first?

Amazing people. A “Pre-Davos Gathering of Leaders effecting the worlds of Digital, Life and Design.

…and at the same time has a long lasting effect on you?

The relationships and bonding that took place during the various ad hoc meetings. [likewise, compulsion to highlight them in bold]

I’m happy to post this but please feel free to. I blogged a lot about
DLD07 during the past week. 🙂

Thanks, Jeff. Great replies. I am sorry I have missed the pool scene… Next time.

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3 moments at DLD07: Magdalena Böttger, a geek girl’s choices

Posted by Annplugged on January 29, 2007

No 1: That’s easy. Brainstorming with Tariq [Krim, founder and CEO of Netvibes] about cool new features for netvibes. Really funny.

No 2: Ranting with Martin about hip and crazy people. Trying to feel much more morally straight. Kind of failed.

No 3: Anshe Chung real life husband talking about how the character developed and got a life of its own. Cute and amazing at the same time.

[Wow, I would be pretty interested in hearing more about it, Magdalena!]

[And about networking:]

I also felt that newcomers who knew noone would have a hard time. People seemed just to be talking to people they already knew. Fortunately there was a very down-to-earth but equally crowded blogger meeting on sunday evening. There you could really get in touch with new people.

[note: blogger meeting was primarily for German bloggers but anyone could attend the pub-conference. Does anybody have an English summary of the meet-up?]

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