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How is SEM developing in Hungary?

Video abundance, Mobuzz goes for mobile snippets (DLD07 conference)

Posted by Annplugged on January 23, 2007

(Great, laptop battery is vigorous again.)

MoBuzz TV was founded 2 years ago, with the aim to provide good video content for mobile devices. 2 years ago, however, the bunch of operators in Europe weren’t ready with 3G, so Anil de Mello, CEO & producer of MobuzzTV, decided to put their video spots on the web. Today they attract 4.5 million viewers on a monthly basis. They have had major campaigns with Levi’s, Adidas, Disney etc. So it seems they are a lot more profit-oriented vlog (video blog) than RocketBoom, which is not only enjoying viral hype, but also features somewhat poor content. I am eager to check out more stuff on MoBuzz as the scenes with Karin (show hostess, so to say) were truly enjoyable (sharing statistics like ‘Apple is for the geriatric of tech geeks’).

So what do they cover? Several areas for young/ youngish/ still youngish consumers interested in technology, business trends and entertainment, and not only in English and Spanish, but soon in German, Dutch and French, too. The blog posts a new 2-4 minute video every day (recorded in Madrid, Spain), which you can download directly from MoBuzz, from itunes, etc. So far they have produced some 1200 shows (multiplied by 2 minutes, you get 2400 min, i.e. 40 hour content).

Do they take on training their audience how to make video content? Well, there is no training but they do encourage viewers to send in their material (mind you, no financial award for that unlike at Metacafe). Anil’s example: make an interview with your neighbour what he/she thinks about PlayStation. 🙂

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