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Hacking session at DLD07: Pablos Holman

Posted by Annplugged on January 22, 2007

If you are interested in hacking, unlocking, peeping etc., and you wish to encourage kids to be more daring in experimenting with the ever increasing number of digital devices surrounding them, then you should definitely check out Pablos Holman’s sparking ideas from ‘Hackers Inc.’ or (
Fun is guaranteed.
He talked about the usual hacks of remote controlling your hotel TV set with your laptop, and checking what others are doing on their laptops in the hotel if you are bored. There was a few words about the MySpace friend-making machine (embedded java script), the project called ‘samy is my hero’, using keys (physical) keys to get through unnecessary obstacles, like doors, gates, building a sharkwhatever, and a lot of other hairraising things (other whatevers).

But who is Pablos Holman?

“Pablos is a futurist, IT security expert, and a notorious hacker… At Komposite, he consults on bizarre invention and design projects that assimilate new technologies. Previously, Pablos created thigh holsters for cell phones at Tsaya; helped build the world’s smallest PC at OQO; spaceships at Blue Origin; and AI agent systems at Xigo. He is a member of The Shmoo Group of information security professionals, and helped create the Hackerbot, a WiFi-seeking robot.” (DLD07)

Watch his presentation on the video page of DLD07.

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