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How is SEM developing in Hungary?


Posted by Annplugged on July 27, 2006

While there is no official data on the distribution of search engines used by Hungarian webizens, József Jároli, a SEO guy, and watchful blogger, made an interesting analysis.The Search Cake
As he puts it, the graph “shows the number of referrers by search engines and directories based on the results of 26 randomly selected publicly available web statistics in August, 2005.” What I find interesting in József’s graph is the visible non-existence of Google’s main rivals, Yahoo! and MSN, and József must be right that one of the main reasons for this is the lack of language option. Therefore, the 2nd, 3rd and 4th places are taken up by Hungarian search engines:

  • 2nd (in English: (start), which is a directory/ link collection in fact, and is very popular in Hungary (according to the owner, Sanoma Inc: it is the most popular opening page in browsers used by Hungarians).
  • 3rd (in English:, which used to squat on the domain, and now there is no news about the financial consequences of their deed, but being forced to give back the domain must have resulted in a considerable decrease regarding the traffic.
  • 4th as József writes: “ is the search engine of Hungary’s biggest portal: [origo].” I only add, for the sake of etimology, that it used to wear the name altavista, for obvious reasons, then was changed into alta vizsla (vizsla is an indigenous Hungarian hunting dog, a very nice, and friendly one indeed), then again changing into vizsla24 (so you had a hunting dog for the 24 hours of the day).

The graph shows that Google is/seems to be by far the most popular search engine, but the number of rivals and their possible distribution must have changed even in a relatively short span of time (1 year), on a relatively small market (approx. 2 million users). For one thing, there is a new engine called Tango, which is becoming a stronger and stronger player. The engine has been specifically developed for Hungarian morphology, character sets etc. by Etarget (PPC company) in cooperation with Sanoma Inc. (see Startlap catalog above), and can deal with requests more precisely in one respect. Its algorithm can not compete with Google, but again there are certain solutions that can enable to grab some slices from the search market. All the more as the popular Startlap catalogue mentioned above is also owned by Sanoma Inc. and this way the catalogue and the search engine can strengthen their online presence, according to Zoltán Harkányi (aka harzol). One of these techniques is that there are Tango search boxes placed in the middle of some online magazines, and journals like Figyelő (literally: ‘,’ one of the most respectful economic journals in Hungary), also belonging to the Sanoma group. Whenever you read the site and you suddenly feel the urge in your fingers to launch a search on the web, it is more conevenient to use an inner search box than to meander to Google with extra clicks. The efficiency of results is varying, depending on the topic and sites you wish to get more info on. But the quick availability is not to be neglected.
What Tango does not have however, to mention but a few, is not only the solid income from GOOG shares, the 100-factor based algorithm, or the international renomé, but also the constant PR news that Google has in the Hungarian press. Tango’s birth was announced, and since then there is no more about it to keep it afresh in users’ mind.


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