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1st SEO contest in Hungary

Posted by Annplugged on July 27, 2006

Maybe one of the first signs that the online marketing industry, and within that search engine optimization (SEO), is gaining impetus in Budapest and in Hungary is the first attempt to carry out a competition among website optimizers. This signifies, in my opinion, that there is a fair number of firms and individuals not only interested in, but also making their living on search based services. The model is based on foreign examples: most notably on such contests as the one announced by the UK based Searchguild SEO firm in 2004, where the imaginary, non-business related expression “negritude ultramarine” had to be optimized within limited time.

The phrase for the Hungarian contest is a one-component keyword ‘butterflyheart’ (in Hungarian ‘pillangószív,’) which, according to the organizor guy named/ nicknamed Harzol, comes from the amalgamation of two of the top most beautiful Hungarian words. Similarly to other SEO contest words, it is not at all used in the Hungarian language.

Let’s make a quick Google search on it. The result is:
Results 110 of about 173,000 for pillangószív. (0.28 seconds)

The deadline is the end of this year, and the reward is the title ‘the most successful SEOer’ of 2006. The test day is the 31st December. The initiative has attracted several optimizers, according to harzol (aka Harkányi Zoltán). His blog is getting updated and one eager anonymous contestant has already booked the domain name for the test keyword.

I am afraid that serious SEO companies are not going to take part in the underground movement of the SEO industry, but even if there are 20 something people interested in the challenge, I consider it an important indicator of a strengthening culture that there is such an initiative. So I think it is a positive sign altogether, with all its blunders. For instance, the contest is lacking in rules (could they be observed?), so there are some who are already criticizing the initiative. Black magic tricks are already in use, which may not increase the reputation of SEO in Hungary…

By the way (as far as I know), foreigners are not excluded from the competition, so if you wish to participate, you may as well join the non-official programme by contacting the organizor.

Good luck, and thanks for the butterfly.

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